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Features, Office InfoWorld's Curtis Franklin reviews the four leading contenders to supplant Microsoft Office in business and finds that, while Google Docs is not ready to take on the full mantle, OpenOffice and Zoho provide viable alternatives should IT endeavor to wean business off Office.
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RE[5]: NO
by Nalle on Fri 18th Jul 2008 04:55 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: NO"
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It does everything I need.
Why should I look else where. It's free (as far as I'm concerned (it comes with the PC I buy or the IT dept. buys me a license at work).`

I love that statement!
It's so cute and naive, isn't it?
As free as the box the cookies comes in!
As free as Windows operating systems (OEM)!

Honestly, don't people think they pay for the OEM-software? Do they really think they will pay the same price for a computer without Windows and Works (with Word)?

Somebody's gotta pay for that software. It's you, pal - they calculate it in on the price you pay for the PC.

But please, continue making statements like that - it brightens up my day - it's fun reading (albeit getting old now).

Nalle Berg

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