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Linux "Linux is a powerful and versatile operating system that can be utilized to hack just about any electronic hardware device. To prove it, I have here a list of popular gadgets that are already known to run Linux."
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RE: but are they usable
by Kyuss on Sat 19th Jul 2008 19:30 UTC in reply to "but are they usable"
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However the question is are they really useful on all those machines?

Good question!
Let's see:
Nintendo ds ---> No MMU so linux is almost useless. Only console application in a touch device....
Apple iPod ----> I've used this hack for many things like ebook reader and games, so linux here (if you have a compatible ipod) can fit nicely!
Microsoft Xbox ---> Useless! It can be a great addon to change a console in a little home server, but for other things better stick with xbmc or other things compiled with XDK ;)
Nintendo GameCube ---> Useless! Too slow for media center and emulators. I prefer GCOS and all the homebrews compiled with devkit
PS3 ---> For now is useless. Maybe in the future, with a proper video driver...

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