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Linux Linux and UNIX-like operating systems in general are regarded as being more secure for the common user, in contrast with operating systems that have "Windows" as part of their name. Why is that? When entering a dispute on the subject with a Windows user, the most common argument he tries to feed me is that Windows is more widespread, and therefore, more vulnerable. Apart from amusing myths like "Linux is only for servers" or "does it have a word processor?", the issue of Linux desktop security is still seriously misunderstood.
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RE[3]: Regardless of the reason
by nberardi on Sun 20th Jul 2008 19:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Regardless of the reason"
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The truth is that this is not a technology problem. Windows is targeted because it makes good business sense to target windows over Linux and Mac OS X, and I would venture to say that none of the reasoning for targeting windows is because of security.

Bot networks equal big money today. So which would you rather focus your efforts on, in a constantly changing environment, the 10% that amount to Linux + Mac, or the 90% that amount to windows machines.

It is similar to starting a coffee shop, where do you think you are going to get a better wide range of consumers. NY City, NY or Elmira, NY? It is obvious, as a business decision to start you business in NY City. There are more potential customers, their is more money, and you have a better chance of doing well.

I am really getting tired of this argument, because it is obviously a business problem and not a technology problem. But you guys are fighting it almost like somebody asked you to whip them out and measure for biggest.

I just don't get all this arguing, I approach all operating systems as being insecure, and it forces me to protect my self in more reliable ways. In fact I have it down to such a science that I don't even run anti-virus on my Windows Vista x64 anymore, and I have been virus free for almost 2 years now.

All my mail goes through Gmail, which is scanned. I don't install any software that doesn't come from a trusted vendor. And I am running x64 which is outside of the current target of Trojan writers, because they tend to focus efforts on the mass market of Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit.

Plus if what you are saying is true about hackers going after insecure operating systems, Mac OS 1-9 would have been swamped with viruses.

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