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Linux Linux and UNIX-like operating systems in general are regarded as being more secure for the common user, in contrast with operating systems that have "Windows" as part of their name. Why is that? When entering a dispute on the subject with a Windows user, the most common argument he tries to feed me is that Windows is more widespread, and therefore, more vulnerable. Apart from amusing myths like "Linux is only for servers" or "does it have a word processor?", the issue of Linux desktop security is still seriously misunderstood.
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RE[3]: Wrong assumptions...
by alexandru_lz on Sun 20th Jul 2008 19:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wrong assumptions..."
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Regulars users do backups, right? (WRONG!) The average user is more afraid of "user land" viruses, than of "root land" viruses. The deadlies virus could be sent via social engineering, and look as harmless as this:
rm -rf /home/`whoami`
You'd only have to fool the user into making it executable (which isn't necessarily hard to do).

Perfectly true -- yet this applies to any operating system. Unfortunately, users need not pass an examination to use a computer, like they do with cars.

Edit -- I wanted to say this in a separate post, but got carried away.

I think the likes of us have a certain... affinity towards not-exactly-essential points. From an engineering perspective, the exact reason and technical merits of why a solution is safer than another aren't that relevant in the short-term.

Quite frankly, given the average life cycle of computers in a production environment, I wouldn't need too many days to think about switching from Windows to OS X or Linux. Regardless of why *X is more secure, the reality simply belongs to the fact that, right ow, and in the foreseeable future, there are fewer viruses and the such.

Really now, seeing that Windows implements a complex and tested system that's still not efficient doesn't really make malware less harmful.

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