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Apple Software engineer Satoshi Nakajima, the lead architect of Microsoft's Windows 95, picked up a Mac for the first time two years ago. He was so impressed, he says he'll never again touch a PC again. Satoshi loves Apple products so much, he started a company in April, Big Canvas, to develop for Apple's iPhone platform full-time. "We have chosen iPhone as the platform to release our first product (for) several reasons," explains his company's website. "We love Apple products... You need love to be creative."
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by protagonist on Mon 21st Jul 2008 23:38 UTC in reply to "Interesting"
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I have found that most of the commercial programs I need to work with are considerably cheaper and more functional on my Mac than were the PC equivalents. And a lot of what I had to purchase for Windows came free with the Mac. But, to each his own. I know people who are happy with Vista as well.

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