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In the News "The Japanese love those things!" That's what I've heard a lot of people say when I've talked to them about my latest obsession, the Coco 6035Re Bidet toilet seat. As part of OSNews' ongoing project, "Building The Wired Home," I wanted to try to see what the march of technological progress has brought to the bathroom, so we installed a bidet seat in OSNews' House of the Future. It turns out, I'm pretty impressed.
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by robinh on Wed 23rd Jul 2008 18:01 UTC
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After reading TFA, the words "global warming" keep spinning round in my mind. Fast forward 50 years, and imagine a conversation you're having with a future child / grandchild:

Offspring : Why were people in your time so greedy - they could have saved the planet by using less energy?

Me/You : Dunno sweetie, but on the plus side, I had an electronic toilet seat....

Seriously, though...... WHY?????!!!!?!?

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