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Linux "I've read past reviews by other reviewers describing Vector Linux as "better Slackware than Slackware" or "what Slackware should be" and I always felt that was a bit of a stretch. With this release it isn't. You get all the reliability and stability of Slackware, better performance than vanilla Slack (at least on my hardware) and the features and most of the conveniences users of distributions touted as user friendly have come to expect."
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Comment by Netfun81
by Netfun81 on Wed 23rd Jul 2008 22:38 UTC
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I've tried Vector several times and its a nice way to get slackware installed without much work. It also has its own repository of packages that you can install with gslapt.

To the first commenter, its a good thing its not like Ubuntu in my opinion.

These days I'm using Arch linux and find it simple as Slackware but with the addition of a nice package manager (pacman). It lets you install just what you want without having preinstalled apps. Not really for the linux novice or for those that only like gui configuration, but it's fast and clean for those that don't mind getting their hands dirty.

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