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Apple There are no less than five apps to turn my iPhone into a flashlight, yet I can't turn it into a 3G-powered Wi-Fi hotspot. Why? Because the SDK has more restrictions than Guantanamo-devs can't integrate with the OS and have to steer way, way clear of copyright and trademark issues-so the most innovative, game-changing apps might not ever make it to your squeaky clean iPhone." An editorial by Gizmodo. Many kinds of apps (from multi-IM apps running on the background, to copy/paste) require the level of system integration that either is not possible via the existing official API, or that Apple artificially limits via lawyers.
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Stupid article
by grabberslasher on Thu 24th Jul 2008 02:45 UTC
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The article is flawed - while the possibility to add new functionality via jailbreak *is* there, it brings with it major headaches for developers.

For one, you MUST use the open toolchain to compile a jailbreak app, you cannot use Xcode's one that is part of the iPhone SDK.

Your apps also can't be uninstalled from SpingBoard or backed up through iTunes and synced to other devices.

The OS icon system for jailbroken and SDK apps is different - you have to manually draw every part of the icon for jailbreak, whereas with the SDK icons are given a fitting shadow and optional gloss.

Not to mention making a wireless 3G hotspot is against AT&T's iPhone contract bigtime, although dunno about other carriers. Could find massive bills or have your contract cut.

Apple test all App Store applications heavily by hand, and make sure that all bugs they find are squashed before they allow a release. In contrast, on a jailbroken phone you have no such testing process, and jailbroken apps can have root access to everything on your phone and can modify or interfere with any other apps or system components.

Also the "Apple limits app testing to five devices, so there is basically is no beta testing." line is completely wrong. The limit is 100 devices per provisioning profile and has been for some time, and Ad Hoc distribution (i.e. emailing or IMing an app to someone) is completely supported.

EDIT: Yes I am an iPhone developer. And the SDK is really sweet in what it *does* allow you to do

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