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Apple There are no less than five apps to turn my iPhone into a flashlight, yet I can't turn it into a 3G-powered Wi-Fi hotspot. Why? Because the SDK has more restrictions than Guantanamo-devs can't integrate with the OS and have to steer way, way clear of copyright and trademark issues-so the most innovative, game-changing apps might not ever make it to your squeaky clean iPhone." An editorial by Gizmodo. Many kinds of apps (from multi-IM apps running on the background, to copy/paste) require the level of system integration that either is not possible via the existing official API, or that Apple artificially limits via lawyers.
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RE[2]: Stupid article
by grabberslasher on Thu 24th Jul 2008 03:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Stupid article"
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As far as I know, anything and everything is covered under NDA at the moment, meaning you're not allowed provide your source to the public as it would expose Apple's methods.

Can't answer that officially

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