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BSD and Darwin derivatives Matthew Dillon has announced the availability of DragonFly BSD 2.0. Also HAMMER filesystem is released with the new DragonFly. Read the full Release Notes.
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by kaiwai on Thu 24th Jul 2008 04:18 UTC
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End of this year I'm looking at putting together a server for my lounge room, its tempting to get an ATOM based CPU/Motherboard combo and use dragonflybsd. The hammer filesystem will be a great file system for the several terabytes I'm looking at setting up to store movies and so forth on.

For those interested, here is an interesting white paper on the matter:

I'd love to see it being ported to MacOS X; the problem with ZFS is that it requires a significant amount of memory due to the nature of its design, so I wonder if HAMMER is the better way to ago around it given that Matthew (in the PDF) states that the difference between Hammer and UFS is small in terms of performance.

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