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BSD and Darwin derivatives Matthew Dillon has announced the availability of DragonFly BSD 2.0. Also HAMMER filesystem is released with the new DragonFly. Read the full Release Notes.
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RE: Awesome
by kernpanic on Thu 24th Jul 2008 12:22 UTC in reply to "Awesome"
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If you have a look at the following:

It doesn't appear as though HAMMER is designed for desktop systems; it reserves quite a lot of space that it uses for a buffer and you won't get free space back immediately after delete operations - you'll need to wait for the cron jobs to run (that you must set up yourself) before the file system is cleaned up.

It certainly looks like something you would deploy on clustered enterprise hardware but I'm not sure it would replace ZFS on the Mac/FreeBSD desktops any time soon, though I do share your ZFS memory requirements concerns.

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