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Linux Mark Shuttleworth today urged development of Linux models to rival what Apple has done on the desktop and mobile devices. Certainly on the desktop experience, we need to shoot beyond the Mac, but I think it's equally relevant [in] the mobile space, Shuttleworth said, outlining the challenge as figuring out how to deliver a 'crisp and clean' experience, without sacrificing the community process. Key to this will be services-based mechanisms for creating revenue for free software that go beyond advertising, Shuttleworth said, adding that cadence in free software releases spurs innovation, and that a regular release schedule, as well as meaningful ties to Windows, will be essential to fulfilling the vision.
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RE[2]: Easier said than done
by Panajev on Thu 24th Jul 2008 16:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Easier said than done"
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KDE developers are doing exactly that with KDE4. And apparently no-one pays them big cash for doing it.

True, many (if not like 99.98% of them I'd guess) KDE developers are not paid to work full time on KDE4 and its UI.

It goes without saying that OSX has had the consistent, smooth, and pleasing UI (and related application frameworks and services) for several years now while KDE4 is still quite far away from delivering the "real KDE4" experience completely bug free and speed optimized (OSX behaves and looks great on integrated Intel GPU's).

I do hope that Nokia's purchase of Trolltech helps Qt mature even faster and all that work can be reflected nicely in KDE (it would be nice if Nokia took interest in KDE's development and hired a few programmers and artists to work on it full-time [KDE could scale to smartphones and MID's quite nicely with all the work on SVG they are doing]).

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