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Bugs & Viruses Mac Antivirus developer Intego might have stumbled across an OS X specific virus being offered for auction that targets a previously unknown ZIP archive vulnerability. From Intego's posting, it appears that an enterprising auctioneer seems determined to make sure that his name is one that is not forgotten when it comes to Apple security, claiming that his exploit is a poisoned ZIP archive that will "KO the system and Hard Drive" when unarchived.
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by kaiwai on Thu 24th Jul 2008 21:18 UTC
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What annoys me the most from these scare tactics is this; the mythology that is created that some how there is Johnny Innocent User sitting there and then out of the blue he is attacked by a virus. This mythology created that some how, virus's appear out of no where with no way to trace it back to a single point.

End users download files, they open files, they create files - a download that has a virus in it has to have come from some place. If it is from a large profile download site - then it would be known in a second. So what does that mean? it means that when I see these people become infected I have to ask where they got these files from.

It reminds me of people who complain about vulnerabilities in software. Some require no intervention of ones own self - blaster worm being the best example of this. A unpatched computer only needs to appear on the internet to get infected - my aunty's computer as an example of that.

Then there are those which are propagated through websites - to which I have to ask myself - what websites are you going to that propagate these worms and virus's? they don't seem like very reputable websites if they're infecting their audience!

I'm not blaming the end user outright, but I do think that the end user needs to have a good hard look in the mirror and ask whether they're the 'weakest link' when it comes to security.

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