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Windows As someone who uses Windows Vista practically daily, I've always wondered where all the negativity in the media comes from. Sure, Vista isn't perfect (as if any operating system is), but I just don't see where all the complaints are coming from. It runs just fine on my old (6 years) machine, all my software and hardware is compatible, and it's stable as a rock. Microsoft has been wondering the same thing, and after a little test, they may have found out why people seem to dislike Vista so much.
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Basic marketing 101 - duh!
by cmost on Thu 24th Jul 2008 22:40 UTC
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There is nothing newsworthy here. What we're seeing is a phenomenon that occurs will all manner of products every day! Why do you think so many products get new packaging every other year and the label "new and improved"? To bring back customers who might have switched due to some perceived flaw with the product. In most cases, nothing significant has changed and the product is basically the same. Furthermore, most people will believe what they're told (especially if the media tells them) without question. This is the so called "sheeple" syndrome that's rampant these days. Frankly, I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't taken advantage of this already. They could have slapped a new theme on Vista and called it Vista Second Edition - New and improved and people would have eaten it right up.

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