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Linux Mark Shuttleworth today urged development of Linux models to rival what Apple has done on the desktop and mobile devices. Certainly on the desktop experience, we need to shoot beyond the Mac, but I think it's equally relevant [in] the mobile space, Shuttleworth said, outlining the challenge as figuring out how to deliver a 'crisp and clean' experience, without sacrificing the community process. Key to this will be services-based mechanisms for creating revenue for free software that go beyond advertising, Shuttleworth said, adding that cadence in free software releases spurs innovation, and that a regular release schedule, as well as meaningful ties to Windows, will be essential to fulfilling the vision.
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Coral Snake
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The reason I believe it would work is this. Despite all this "Broad Band" and fast internet stuff we keep hearing hype about a substantial part of the internet is still on DIAL UP and have you EVER tried to download a major app on DIAL UP!!! Not only is such activity notoriously slow but very long dial up downloads tend to crash as well. And this can also even happen on faster connections like Satalite, DSL and cable modem when there is a large "free beer" demand for the product. Furthermore the "free beer" internet download products tend to be dynamically linked with all the "dependency hell" and "upgrade hell" consequences that accompany such linking. The CD free software products I propose would be STATICALY linked to their dependencies effectivley eliminating these two "hells". The would be literally installable by simply copying the app to the hard disk just like most modern MAcOS apps. I think people would pay to get out of download frustration related to dial up internet connection crashes, high demand "slashdotting" crashes and frustrations related to dependency hell and upgrade hell. In fact I BUY all the Linux distros I use precicely because of these problems.

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