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Windows As someone who uses Windows Vista practically daily, I've always wondered where all the negativity in the media comes from. Sure, Vista isn't perfect (as if any operating system is), but I just don't see where all the complaints are coming from. It runs just fine on my old (6 years) machine, all my software and hardware is compatible, and it's stable as a rock. Microsoft has been wondering the same thing, and after a little test, they may have found out why people seem to dislike Vista so much.
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My 2 Cents
by blitze on Fri 25th Jul 2008 07:48 UTC
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Biggest problem with Vista is the x86 version. The one OEM's push is crap.

Case in point.
Dell 1525 Laptop with 2Gb ram. Comes preinstalled with Vista x86 Home Basic. Crapped itself within a few weeks of useage. The amount of garbage Dell installed on it really pissed me off as well.

Upgraded to Vista Business x64, runs Aero fine on the Intel Video chipset and everything just works.

Get rid of annoyance of UAC and have a more Unix like Security system, enable the Administrator Account and have your account with only User Priveledges. Now UAC will run no different to Sudo.

Want to install programs and not have to use Admin rights to run them? Then install them to a new folder with User priveledges. Then you will not be prompted for Admin rights for that program after installation be it games or any other peice of software. Keep the OS files safe in their Program Files folder.

MS could have done a little to streamline Vista in this regard but on the whole my experience in supporting Vista x64 is that it is a very robust OS and the only thing that has let it down has been OEM's lack of support and Drivers. MS shot themselves in the foot by releasing the paltry x86 version and their marketing greed with so many versions.

DRM is a non issue if you use 3rd party media players in Vista. Never had a problem with DRM in VLC or Foobar2000.

Use my main system as a graphics workstation and gaming machine (work from home) and since I have ironed out a BIOS problem in my XFX 8800GT Video Card, vista has been rock solid with full support of power down options like suspend to ram.

For me - Linux ain't ready and OS-X (Snow Tiger looking good) is more Hardware restrictive than MS Windows. Activation - easiest way to deal with that is run a crack. They work and f- the activation garbage if I have to test clients hardware on my system to trouble shoot stuff. MS needs to get rid of activation and simplify Vista to 2 versions

Vista Business x64
Vista Ultimate x64

Anything else Vista wise is a waste of time.

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