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Windows As someone who uses Windows Vista practically daily, I've always wondered where all the negativity in the media comes from. Sure, Vista isn't perfect (as if any operating system is), but I just don't see where all the complaints are coming from. It runs just fine on my old (6 years) machine, all my software and hardware is compatible, and it's stable as a rock. Microsoft has been wondering the same thing, and after a little test, they may have found out why people seem to dislike Vista so much.
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RE[3]: Indeed, a little lie
by kaiwai on Fri 25th Jul 2008 23:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Indeed, a little lie"
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If you buy hardware designed to have Linux pre-installed on it, you won't have these problems. Everything will work. Manufacturers shouldn't be selling you pre-installed Linux on machines with Broadcom wireless chips, for example, when an Intel wireless chip works perfectly.

Most people would only buy a machine with Vista pre-installed, they wouldn't expect to be able to roll-their-own Vista machine. Do the same courtesy for Linux and you will get similar or better results than for Vista ... every time. Guaranteed.

Unfortunately if you want an AMD based laptop, 9/10 you're stuck with a Broadcom wireless chip. I do remember, however, seeing an Acer Aspire with an atheros chipset in it, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

I don't want to go off on much of a tangent, but this the reason I would never purchase an AMD machine - the stupid management decision they made to team up with Broadcom instead of Atheros. If AMD really cared about opensource they wouldn't be aligning themselves with such assholes who refuse to to work with opensource developers.

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