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Linux Daniel Phillips has announced the prototype design of a new linux filesystem (implementation has only begun). The most interesting thing seems to be a different way of implementing versioning: "Unlike the currently fashionable recursive copy on write designs with one tree root per version, Tux3 stores all its versioning information in the leaves of btrees using the versioned pointer algorithm. This method promises a significant shrinkage of metadata for heavily versioned filesystems as compared to ZFS and Btrfs".
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You GPL freaks are all about code communism,

Do you think you're cool or something?

yet steal things from the BSD world and don't and can't give back because of your GPL.

I call BS.
1.) You can't "steal" code from BSD-Projects. Taking the code and get something to work with it is the whole purpose of the license.
2.) Even if it's BSD-code you still can't relicense the code itself.
3.) The GPL REQUIRES you to give the code back. It's your problem if you don't want to use GPL'd code.

But it's always interesting to see that some BSD-fanatics believe that everyone may take the code, modify it and don't give anything back EXCEPT the Linux-people, they are obviously not allowed to use BSD-code.
What a hypocrite.

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