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Privacy, Security, Encryption NSA takes its Flask architecture to the open-source community to offer an inexpensive route to trusted systems. "What it really helps out with is something called zero-day exploits," said Daniel Walsh, a principal software engineer at Red Hat and leader of the company's SELinux team. "If you have a bug in your software that allows a machine to be taken over, SELinux [provides] another layer of controls to make sure that application only does what is was designed to do. SELinux is your last line of defense."
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RHEL & Fedora
by RHCE07 on Sat 26th Jul 2008 15:17 UTC
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In RHEL and Fedora by default SELinux is 'on' if you leave it on and you are setting up a machine, server, laptop you can use this command.

setenforce 0 to set it to permissive so you can install the packages or updates...

When you are finished customizing your machine
setenforce 1 to turn it back to enforcing mode no reboot is required.

You can reference another directory with the same SELinux context with chcon --reference /var/www/html /var/www/mywebstuff

It is another area that is amazing in what it can do, it takes a lot of practice, studying and understanding to administer it in the correct manner.

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