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BSD and Darwin derivatives Matthew Dillon has announced the availability of DragonFly BSD 2.0. Also HAMMER filesystem is released with the new DragonFly. Read the full Release Notes.
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Comment by gnemmi
by gnemmi on Sat 26th Jul 2008 23:48 UTC
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In reply to: Question about DFBSD's charter ..

(yeah .. I pushed the wrong button ;) )

I think you might find most of the answers to your questions in here:

Based on those goals .. I'd dare to say .. those are reason for the continued existence of the DFBSD project

HAMMER as serious replacement for UFS seems (at least for me) is reason enough to keep the "separated" efforts ...

Is development carried out in order to compete with, and spur innovation in the two products, or is DFBSD developed for the sheer joy of having your own OS?

Again .. DF has different goals .. HammerFS excplicits innovation ..

Now ... "compete"? .. I hardly see anything done under in the BSD world (and ultimately .. under the BSD license) in "compete" terms ... every other BSD benefits from whatever improvements goes on in the other BSD's ...

I see it more like "each one has it's own way to push CS one step forward ..." and I really fail to see how that can be a bad thing.

Just my point of view.


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