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Windows While Microsoft has only just begun fighting the perception problems surrounding Windows Vista, the company is already thinking and planning way beyond its latest operating system. We all know that Windows 7 will build on top of the foundations laid by Vista, and that it will include a fancy multitouch framework (and a mysterious new taskbar). According to Microsoft, Windows 7 is still on track for January 2010, and in a memo to his employees, CEO Steve Ballmer outlined some interesting new approaches the company might try with Windows 7 - including being just a little more like Apple.
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RE[2]: UNIX?
by netpython on Sun 27th Jul 2008 07:55 UTC in reply to "RE: UNIX?"
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I think MS headquarters could use some streamlining.
There is plenty of talent at MS but to much influencial people want to see their pet projects included. And at the end nobody has the overview.

I find it hard to swallow that Vista is it after such a long time of development.

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