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Oracle and SUN In an interview with, Novell developer Michael Meeks talks mostly about Sun's lack of openness in regards to He goes as far as stating that if Sun dropped out of OOo-development this "wouldn't be an entirely negative thing". He also goes on to talk about promoting Go-oo instead, and emphasizes the importance of breaking down the barriers between GNOME and KDE.
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by danieldk on Mon 28th Jul 2008 19:45 UTC in reply to "Not news"
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Yes, Sun opensourced, and opensolaris and java, but their projects do not exactly encourage opensource development in the same way other FOSS projects do.

Oh, please. First there are complaints that their software is not FLOSS software, which may have been a valid criticism in some cases (e.g. Java as a development platform). In the meanwhile, they have open sourced projects that are worth millions if not billions of dollars, and now people tell them they are not FLOSS enough due to the way that they run their projects (or their use of the CDDL license).

These are their projects, so they choose how to run it. And if they want to use copyright assignment, I can fully understand, they have invested a lot in these code bases, so they want to be the owner. Does it slow down development? Maybe, but that's their choice.

Can we please stop talking about these issues as if it is morally wrong to choose different licenses, require copyright assignment, or whatever?

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