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Oracle and SUN In an interview with, Novell developer Michael Meeks talks mostly about Sun's lack of openness in regards to He goes as far as stating that if Sun dropped out of OOo-development this "wouldn't be an entirely negative thing". He also goes on to talk about promoting Go-oo instead, and emphasizes the importance of breaking down the barriers between GNOME and KDE.
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Ugh, Please Read The Article!
by AndrewDubya on Mon 28th Jul 2008 20:01 UTC
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Honestly, the headline was a bit over the top, the interview wasn't nearly as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

The developer actually complimented the Sun developers, he just admitted to wanting a more open development environment, which he _also_ said Sun attempted to do. He even stated that he's not completely against Sun requiring the copyright stuff.

Why is it so wrong to state a preference? It sounds like a lot of developers are bothered by the process of getting stuff in to It may or may not be in Sun's best interest to try to open up a bit -- it probably depends on whether external developer goals are in line with their own.

So, as many have stated, it sounds like Novell is deciding against assigning copyright in some cases and are starting to fight back with what is essentially a fork. This will put pressure on Sun to either open up a bit, whether that's with their development model or just to state clearly what their intentions are.

In all, I think they'll probably resolve the differences, and I'm glad Novell (and Ubuntu, etc) are pushing for more code sharing in open source. Hell, I thought the KDE/Gnome stuff was much more interesting than the discussion.

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