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Oracle and SUN In an interview with, Novell developer Michael Meeks talks mostly about Sun's lack of openness in regards to He goes as far as stating that if Sun dropped out of OOo-development this "wouldn't be an entirely negative thing". He also goes on to talk about promoting Go-oo instead, and emphasizes the importance of breaking down the barriers between GNOME and KDE.
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RE[4]: Novell - Sun
by alexandru_lz on Mon 28th Jul 2008 21:29 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Novell - Sun"
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Maybe because it's the kind of thing about which most open source fans would instantly brag? From what I understand, Go-OO is realy OpenOffice, patched with a couple of foamy extras -- but instead of contributing to the codebase, Novell is making its own.

Frankly, this is very cool tactics from Microsoft. How long before we see a third OpenOffice "distribution"? How long before a fifth, each having a set of features that the others don't have, while lacking a couple of features on their own. This kind of thing just begs for another Get the facts campaign.

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