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Amiga & AROS It's not exactly bliss and angels in the Amiga world. AmigaOS 4.0, while done, released, and updated, is hard to come by because you either need a supported classic Amiga, or one of the three Amiga Ones ever sold. With a lawsuit underway nobody really understands, and no interest whatsoever from any hardware vendor, the future looks rather grim. On the MorphOS side the grass isn't exactly a whole lot greener. MorphOS 2.0 has been released, but again, nobody is producing any decent hardware for the operating system to run on. Genesi sells the Efika-based OpenClient, but this device lacks the graphical chipset to power the new 3D features of MorphOS 2.0. In addition, MorphOS 2.0 has a hefty price tag of EUR 150. There is a third option, which has been making steady progress for years now: AROS.
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This is great and that's really cool that ACube is going to bundle AROS. I've always thought that AROS is sort of the Haiku of Amiga-like OSs.

About the MorphOS comments in the article: Thom is incorrect say that Efika "lacks the graphical chipset to power the new 3D features of MorphOS 2.0." As someone already said, Efika makes use of a card, so the gfx chipset part is dependent on what card you put in there. Some Radeons of 7XXX, 8XXX, and 9XXX series are supported, as are some Voodoo cards. If you have a less-supported card, some M2 features may not be as fast but they'll still work.

He may be thinking of Altivec instruction set support, the Efika CPU doesn't have this, nor does Pegasos G3, but it's another case where the features are still present, you just don't get the enhanced performance that you would if you had the hardware.

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