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Linux "On those infrequent occasions when you need to reboot Linux, you may find that the process takes longer than you'd like. Jack Wallen shares a number of tricks you can use to reduce boot times." While these tips are intended to shorten Linux boot times, some can also increase the security of your system. Speed and security in ten tips, both well-known and obscure.
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Some mistakes
by WereCatf on Wed 30th Jul 2008 19:38 UTC
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#2: Disable unnecessary kernel modules:

Most distros ship with those kernel modules compiled as modules, not built-in, so they don't make booting time any worse or better. The system just checks if it needs a module for some hardware and initializes that module, it doesn't load all of them!

#7: Avoid dhcp:

This one I was wondering what the heck was the author thinking? The answer to dhcp requests arrives in milliseconds (unless there's something terribly wrong with your system) and it allows for much more flexibility.

#6: Use an OpenBIOS:

There's a saying "Don't fix what isn't broken". Especially when it's the bios. If OpenBIOS doesn't work on your motherboard or if the flash procedure goes hayways then you're fscked. I wouldn't have included this in the list, even though it will boost boot-up time _if_ it works.

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