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Windows I have written about if before: updating programs on your computer - if you're not using a Linux distribution, that is - is a total and utter mess. On Windows and Mac OS X, there are roughly four ways of updating applications. The application notifies of new updates, and then downloads them when you click 'yes', the application updates from within the application itself, or the application requires a special update program running in the background. These are all quite annoying, since they interfere with your workflow (as opposed to, say, running "apt-get upgrade" every morning). The fourth method is the official vendor channel, Windows/Microsoft Update in Windows and Software Update in Mac OS X. Paul Ellis argues that to alleviate the mess, Microsoft should open up Microsoft Update for everyone else - and similar arguments are made concerning Apple's Software Update.
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Client side app only?
by _txf_ on Wed 30th Jul 2008 22:44 UTC
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It doesn't have to be such a big deal...

Can't microsoft just implement an infrastructure into windows and then provide an api so that third party apps can use windows update to connect to third party servers? This would be very much the way 3rd party repositories would be added in any linux distro.

The obvious security problem would be malware using the service to do nasty things, but that would be no different to the way things are now. The advantage with a centralized app is that updates can be blacklisted/whitelisted by a downloading a list from microsoft OR by user intervention for more obscure but user trusted apps.

Unfortunately even with this architecture in place many wouldn't bother simply because in windows land there is never any consistent framework, api or will to follow the ONE consistent way even from within microsoft itself let alone 3rd party.

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