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Microsoft Microsoft appears to be assembling its game plan for the day when the Windows client OS as it has been developed for the past 20 years becomes obsolete. The incubation project, also known as Midori, seeks to create a componentized, Net-centric OS, based on connected systems - one that largely eliminates dependencies between local apps and the hardware on which they run. SDTimes is also featuring an article that has some more details about Midori.
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I agree that there needs to be change in the current use of computers - a lot of the problems you raise come from engineers not thinking about the social influences/issues raised by their designs - particularly the loss of personal freedoms.

Personally, I think it unwise at the moment for Microsoft to start planning the "OS of the future", there are so many other issues that are perhaps more important:
- what we do when there's no oil for PCBs
- when there's less power available
- when people become more important???

Admittedly, some of the issues should be the reserve of hardware firms, but if Microsoft wish to retain their monopoly (however much I disagree with the legality), then they, and all computer firms, need to be looking at the twin threads of efficiency and necessity.

Whilst it would be nice for computers to be used in every part of life, there are *so* many unanswered questions, and potential future environmental (as in, social, economic and environment), issues that it would be worth looking at perhaps, more streamlined operating systems. For the Free software world, this is something that's probably less of an issue than it is for Microsoft.

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