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General Development InfoWorld has put together a 20-question test of your programming knowledge. Questions range from 'What is the best way to preserve type safety in assembly language?' to 'Why are race conditions a problem in modern software development?' and they touch on your knowledge of the history of programming languages, how best to develop easily maintainable and secure code, and your game plan for overcoming a lack of energy drinks, Jolt Cola, and Mountain Dew at the local supermarket - in other words, your commitment to programming as a way of life. Editor's Note: Think of it as your midnight distraction (*cough* Grad Students) rather than news, you might actually enjoy it ;).
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Headline skimmer ....
by Pr3st00 on Fri 1st Aug 2008 01:16 UTC
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Well.. I got 65 for a headline skimmer.. btw, I wish I knew what the f--k is a headline skimmer...

"Twisted pair is a type of network cable, not a data structure."

That one was pretty silly...

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