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Legal There are probably lots and lots of lawsuits going on every day in the technology world, and generally, they are quite uninteresting to all of us. Exceptions exist, of course, and the case of Apple and PsyStar is definitely one of them. It's a lawsuit that could test one of the most debated issues in the world of software: the EULA issue. To refresh your memory: PsyStar started offering Macintosh clones earlier this year, which caused quite the uproar in the Mac community. Apple was silent on the issue at first, but a few weeks ago the company decided to take legal action against PsyStar, claiming PsyStar violated Apple's copyright and license agreements (EULAs), and motivated others to do the same. While several legal experts agree that Apple's EULA will stand the test of court in The Netherlands, the situation in the US might be completely different. PsyStar seems prepared for the worst, as they have hired lawyers from Carr & Ferrell LLP, a firm who successfully fought Apple in court over IP issues before. I'm breaking out the popcorn, because this is hopefully going to be a big one.
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RE: Maybe it will work if...
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It would, but you definitely need to modify OSX in order to make it install onto a generic Mac. Providing the tools to do the job would probably mean distributing software not only that wasn't meant to be distributed for profit, but that some people might even consider illegal (or breaking the eula). While NOT providing anything but a step by step guide (the user has to connect to the internet and download the thing from P2P) would probably expose the company to accuses of false advertising and the like (and anyway what would be the point in doing such a thing?).

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