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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The recent release of Intel's Centrino 2 platform means a refresh of notebooks from every manufacturer. Lenovo took this chance to not only update the internals of their ThinkPads, but also to make changes to their naming conventions and release a few new models, including the addition of the ThinkPad X200 to the venerable X series." The X200 brings along a widescreen display (the X was the ThinkPad's last standard aspect ratio series), the Centrino 2 platform with 45nm processor, and an SSD option. The notebook is a bit wider than before but still has that ThinkPad keyboard and with the right battery it will last up to 9 hours."
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Still Linux-friendly?
by tech10171968 on Sun 3rd Aug 2008 03:17 UTC
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I remember lusting for a Thinkpad a few years back (when they were still made by IBM); that was because they were highly regarded in my LUG as one of the most Linux-friendly notebooks on the market.

Fast forward a few years later and, now that I'm finally making enough money to afford one, I find that they're made by another company, though still highly regarded.

I guess my question is, are the hardware components which make up the Lenovo-era Thinkpads still as Linux-friendly as they were back then? If so then I may have to look into getting one.

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