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Humor "Once upon a time there was a printer who lived in the woods. He was a lonely printer, because nobody knew how to configure him. He hoped and hoped for someone to play with." That is an excerpt from the Readme file for gnome-cups-manager. There are more snippets from different programs that might pique your interest.
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RE[6]: Comment by moleskine
by helf on Sun 3rd Aug 2008 22:51 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by moleskine"
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lol. Nice.

"Hooked on Phonics" is what has destroyed English ;) My brother used it growing up and can't spell for shit.

And, as you so elegantly demonstrated, a completely phonetic language doesn't work when you have local variants in enunciations. Everyone pronounces words differently. If you started off phonetic, it'd eventually evolve into separate, but related, languages. It's a circle. This is exactly what has happened time and time again... throughout history.

heck, I can barely make out what people are saying in the valley below me, as it is...

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