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Graphics, User Interfaces "The best open source applications and operating systems are more usable now than they were then. But this is largely from slow incremental improvements, and low-level competition between projects and distributors. Major problems with the design process itself remain largely unfixed." Personal Note: I am not sure how many people feel that Free Software has poor usability. As far as the desktop environment, I find most of linux window managers to be the more user-friendly than Windows and OS X.
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Agreed in part
by protomank on Mon 4th Aug 2008 15:34 UTC
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Overall, I do not see much problems, but there is one BIG that is never fulfilled: consistency.
Basically you can have a mix of KDE, Gnome, Gtk, WXWindow and other apps. Now try saving or opening a file in each of those. All will come with a differente file dialog. The file dialog should be a task of the desktop environment, not the application.
If you give openoffice, kate and gedit for a newbie, he will have a lot of problems figuring how each file dialog works and why they are so different. :-P

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