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Internet & Networking In technology environment, keeping things simple takes lot more effort and maturity than keeping it complex. These 10 items are guidelines more than rules, that I have learned over the years doing intensive work on the IT infrastructure. These guidelines are mostly common sense and can be helpful for anybody who administers an IT system, including Linux/Windows Administrator, Network Administrator and DBA.
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My kneejerk reaction
by IanSVT on Mon 4th Aug 2008 19:49 UTC
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1. Yes, as simple as you can be and still get the job done. Although security is never simple and not something you should keep simple(because that means no passwords!)
2. Yes.
3. Having a backup you haven't tested is better than nothing at all. Although you should absolutely test it.
4. Yes.
5. Oh god yes, for the sake of whoever comes after you and maybe even for your own sanity.
6. Sure. But problems will arise.
7. No. Just typing crap into a command line won't necessarily teach you anything just like compiling a program in freebsd won't teach you anything about *nix. "I see scrolling compiler text, I'm a hackerz!!one"
8. Yes.
9. Yes. Complain about them later while you're having a beer.

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