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Graphics, User Interfaces "The best open source applications and operating systems are more usable now than they were then. But this is largely from slow incremental improvements, and low-level competition between projects and distributors. Major problems with the design process itself remain largely unfixed." Personal Note: I am not sure how many people feel that Free Software has poor usability. As far as the desktop environment, I find most of linux window managers to be the more user-friendly than Windows and OS X.
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by axel on Tue 5th Aug 2008 01:04 UTC
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I just want to throw this out there:

I think GIMP gets a bad rap for a couple reasons:
1. it's not photoshop. that's been argued about plenty.

2. It's All There Is:
Over here in windows land there's hundred of image editors designed for every task imaginable, sprite editors, vector editors, raster editors simple things like paint, more complex ones like , enormous things like photoshop.
Over in linux there's what mtpaint and The Gimp (yes there's krita, but it's pretty new so it hasn't sunk in yet) and nobody uses mtpaint cause it looks like nothing else.
Almost every one on Linux uses the GIMP for almost everything, even when all they want is to make some stick figures really quick to visualize a point.
People use the GIMP for stuff it wasn't made for and so isn't convenient at all for.

the GIMP is complicated, with a lot of features, you can't make a simple interface for, it will never actually be usable for the majority of Linux uses, Photoshop isn't really much better.

if Linux had a bunch of image editors of various levels of complexity and focus. GIMP would be left to people that actually need it, the sort of people that understand the need for a slew of drop down menus and can actually devote time to learning an interface.

It reminds me of AutoCAD, ludicrously complicated interface, but that's irrelevant because it's not meant to be used by anybody that wasn't trained for it.

I leave you with a link to a post/discussion from OK/Cancel (possibly the only usability themed webcomic)

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