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Graphics, User Interfaces "The best open source applications and operating systems are more usable now than they were then. But this is largely from slow incremental improvements, and low-level competition between projects and distributors. Major problems with the design process itself remain largely unfixed." Personal Note: I am not sure how many people feel that Free Software has poor usability. As far as the desktop environment, I find most of linux window managers to be the more user-friendly than Windows and OS X.
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RE[7]: Sad, but true...
by axel on Tue 5th Aug 2008 01:33 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Sad, but true..."
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you do realize that the first method you mentioned requires 2 steps, minimum, which is infact exactly how many steps it takes in gimp
and the second method you mentioned only works if you ONLY want to get rid of the bottom and/or right hand sides?

1. gimp lets you select the entire image with ctrl-A same as paint.
2. theres no point in selecting the entire image because the whole point of cropping is to get rid of parts of the image

furthermore, no gimp works EXACTLY like he said it does, your black bars were either a weird glitch or you hit the wrong button, though playing around with it, i can't even figure out what button you could have pressed.

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