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Internet & Networking In technology environment, keeping things simple takes lot more effort and maturity than keeping it complex. These 10 items are guidelines more than rules, that I have learned over the years doing intensive work on the IT infrastructure. These guidelines are mostly common sense and can be helpful for anybody who administers an IT system, including Linux/Windows Administrator, Network Administrator and DBA.
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Project management
by griffinme on Tue 5th Aug 2008 12:48 UTC
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11. If you are planning a project make sure your time line meets the deadline of your customers (other departments). I have seen more then one CIO violate this rule and have it cost them their job. Someone else gets to figure out how to make something work while the customer is screaming because their department has ground to a halt as they wait for a project that is behind.

11a. If things work now in the real world. Think twice, no three times before you cross bridges that are one way. Nothing like getting halfway through a project and discovering that the goal can't be achieved with your current path or time line. Then you get the joy of telling departments they have to redo work to get back to where they were.

In case you were wondering, at my place of employment both are taking place. The townspeople are at the IT doors with torches and pitchforks..... and they are not smiling. The CIO looks nervous and twitchy.

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