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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Jack Wallen of TechRepublic tried the Mandriva 2008 Spring and his verdict is "Mandriva Spring 2008 Live CD better than most other distributions fully installed." He claims that "This is, without a doubt, the finest release of any Linux distribution I have ever experienced in my 10+ years of using Linux."
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I'm well aware of this. Just because it "can" be configured to do so, does not mean that is the standard way of doing so, or even a common way. My home workstation has 1GB of RAM and nearly every livecd that I've tried the load to RAM option on fails miserably. Except DSL, which can load on nearly anything recent.

The point is, a fracking installer should never ever ever ever need over 1GB of RAM.

I'm also aware that Mandriva and others provide install only cd sets. Again, just because it's one way to go does not mean it's common. My days of burning 3 to 6 CDs for a Linux install are over.

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