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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I have recently been in the market for a new smartphone. The iPhone looks like some nice hardware and I'm already an AT&T customer, but after Apple's trend of pulling Apps from iTunes lately I'm just not buying. Apple has proven to me that I don't want to live in a closed ecosystem. It made me realize what my real issue with Apple is: their business practices.
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I hope it helps
by MacMike on Tue 5th Aug 2008 21:30 UTC
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I just got my iPhone 3 days ago and am having a blast. Just make sure you're punishing Apple more than you're punishing yourself by not having one.

I'd say for now the high demand is overwhelming your message. Even after 3 weeks of being available I still had to wait in a line that I'd estimate at 300 people deep in Nashville, TN. It took me a total of about 2.5 hours before I was out the door with my iPhone 3G. I'd say I was somewhere between the 75-100th person in line as I arrived 40 minutes before the store opened.

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