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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless On August 1 2007, I published an article called "My Month with the iPhone" wherein I examined the iPhone's now well-known advantages and deficiencies and speculated extensively on where Apple was likely to take the phone, development-wise. Now that the new iPhone and the iPhone 2.0 software have been out for a few weeks, and there's been a whole new storm of praise and gripes raging, I thought it would be illuminating for me to re-visit my prognostications and take my lumps.
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When You Choose Apple
by Bink on Tue 5th Aug 2008 23:14 UTC
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People constantly criticize Microsoft for not being open enough, but then flock to Apple in droves with open arms and embrace one the most closed vendors out there.

When you choose Apple, you choose not to have a choice.

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