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Windows The Windows 7 craze is barely over, and yet the internet is already buzzing with the next big thing from Microsoft: a project called Midori. The SD Times claims to have seen internal Microsoft documents detailing what Midori actually is, and they say it's the clean-break from Windows many of us have been waiting for. The SD Times article is heavy on the details, and quite technical, but luckily Ars Technica provides a more accessible summary of what Microsoft has in store for Midori.
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Marketing genius!
by dsuse on Wed 6th Aug 2008 01:22 UTC
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I can see where the shrewd business minds at Microsoft are going with this one:

1) Release Vista
2) No one buys Vista, they insist they still want XP.
3) Do not listen to the customers. Pull the plug on XP.
4) Instead, spend millions on publishing a fake experiment designed to convince people that they should just hand over their money to Microsoft anyway.
5) Also send out rumours that something called *Windows 7* is coming *real soon now*, so hopefully people will wait for *Win7* if they won't use Vista, and not use Linux (in the process, making it less likely that anyone in their right mind will use Vista).
6) (OOH, just got to use more advertising $$$!) Publish info saying that the NEW NEW ALL-IMPROVED WINDOWS MIDORI-IN-A-CLOUD is coming *kinda-real-soon-now*,and that it will make all previous versions of Windows obsolete. Also, announce it will not be backward compatible with existing software, so it will be more traumatic and uncertain than moving to enterprise-proven products like Linux (thereby ensuring that no one will buy Vista or *Windows 7*, and everyone will switch to Linux or MacOSX instead of waiting for hell to freeze over and *Midori* to come out).

Oh yeah - I see that Microsoft really knows how to market their products. And their campaign IS working! I am typing this on Ubuntu, which took 20 minutes to install!

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