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General Development Computerworld is undertaking a series of investigations into the most widely-used programming languages. This time we chat with Guido van Rossum, best known as the author of Python, and currently working for Google, CA where he gets to spend at least half his time developing the language.
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New GUI Toolkit needed for Python
by Coral Snake on Wed 6th Aug 2008 02:16 UTC
Coral Snake
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Actually the only thing I see wrong with Python is that it still ships with the Tkinter GUI toolkit as its standard for GUIs. This toolkit is obsolete in two ways, the first being its Motif look under Linux and BSD based platforms using x11 and the second being its virtually Windows 3.x widget choice and functionality. Yet another problem with Tkinter is that it requires the running of TWO programming language interpreters (both TK and Python) for GUI programs making it slower than managed languages having their own GUI toolkits like Java/Swing and C#/Forms.

What Python needs in the GUI area is either a toolkit coded in Python itself with modern widget design, choice and functionality so that only one interpreter/managed environment is needed to run them ala Java/Swing and C#/Forms or shipping with one of the popular C++ toolkits used with Python probably wxWidgets/wxPython rather than the obsolete and second interpreter dependent Tkinter.

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