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Features, Office 2.4.0 is a free, open source alternative to Microsoft's Office application suite. It is fantastic if you need basic office applications such as a word processor or spreadsheet at no cost. However, large organisations and power users may be disappointed by its lack of features and support. Read the full review here.
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I tried and used it for some time until I had repeated disappointments of document layout inconsistencie. I would write quotes and documents for customers and suppliers, who usually don't accept PDF, in the .doc or .rtf file formats, in, and when they opened the file in MS Word, the text and organization of tables were different, and unprofessional. So, now I am using a rather old version of MS Office (2003) and I'm fine.

Last time I checked, MS Office (any version) has never been able to save in ODF (or any other openoffice format) at all, so OpenOffice should score points for being "close" too 100% compatible.

I think you are side-stepping the issue - is it really because you cant save in MS Word format? or is it because your customers and suppliers only allow MS Word format?

Who's at fault here, you for not using MS Office or them for not using OpenOffice? The only argument of which one to use is based on MS Office being the most popular. It doesn't matter which is better, people should be allowed to choose.

Until there is a standard document format (hopefully soon - ODF), people will need to use the same software as the recipients of their documents.

I'll keep looking at the progress of, hopefully 3.0 will have better consistency. One minor problem also is the rather unaesthetic GUI, with old-fashioned icons, compared to commercial office suites.

OpenOffice is themeable isn't it? But I agree under some desktops it looks better than others. I prefer to use it under GNOME. On my system (OpenSUSE 11), OpenOffice looks and seems to run better under GNOME than under KDE. No idea why there is such a difference.

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