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Microsoft Microsoft . . . complained in its annual report that it was facing increasing pressure from open source companies. It claims they are stealing its ideas and benefiting from its intellectual property. "A number of commercial firms compete with us using an open source business model by modifying and then distributing open source software to end users at nominal cost and earning revenue on complementary services and products." Also see analysis at Microsoft Watch.
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The only people who even come close to being testers in the open source world are those who run trunk builds on a daily basis, are active on the mailing lists with feedback, and submit proper bug reports. Everyone else is just users of untested software

The thing is that most open source devs eat their own dogfood, so will be among the people who test and find bugs.

let me correct you:

"Everyone else is using tested software"

The quality of that test is up for debate, but you cannot say that there are testers and then say that the software is untested.

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