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Features, Office 2.4.0 is a free, open source alternative to Microsoft's Office application suite. It is fantastic if you need basic office applications such as a word processor or spreadsheet at no cost. However, large organisations and power users may be disappointed by its lack of features and support. Read the full review here.
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by xushi on Wed 6th Aug 2008 18:02 UTC
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It's completely true, and has nothing to do with companies, corporations, business, or individuals who don't have Acrobat or a PDF reader installed, but about those who still consider Microsoft's .doc, .xls, etc... to be THEIR standard and hence do not accept anything else such as ODT/ODF/PDF/etc... And you, doing or wanting to do business with them, of course, have to settle with their needs, producing (most importantly) quality documents rather than something that could render wrongly on their Microsoft based software... I highly doubt if you were to do business with a company, that your bosses, or the big-shits up there would be happy if the deal was cancelled or the other business or client was upset because of you saying something to the tone of "oh, well i'm not going to bother sending you anything non .doc because .........."

Why? I'm sure there are a hundred reasons, ranging from whose who haven't heard of anything non-microsoft before, to those who insist on having a company to pay sh*tless money to for a product (regardless how good or bad it is) just to point a finger at and claim $$$ in damages should anything ever happen...

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