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GTK+ Red Hat's David Zeuthen blogged today about the huge patch he submitted to GTK+ that will allow the toolkit to achieve resolution independence - widget and font size adapting to your screen's real estate; no more tiny application lost in the corner of your high resolution screen. Although more work is obviously required, Zeuthen's idea is to use RI as the hot-new-feature selling point of the upcoming 3.0 GTK+ release. Discussion is going on in the gtk-devel mailing list and there is an ogg video of the feature in action.
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RE: Resolution independence
by hobgoblin on Thu 7th Aug 2008 16:20 UTC in reply to "Resolution independence"
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i could have sworn that gnome's default icons would be tango SVG's.

as for what others choose to use for their gtk based apps, thats their problem...

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