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ReactOS "In a little over a month since version 0.3.5, we are announcing the release ReactOS 0.3.6. This release along with the rest of the 0.3.x series is still considered alpha quality software, so do not set your expectations too high. ReactOS 0.3.6 is the product of the current development focus: bugfixes, compatibility, and stability."
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RE: Heck, yeah
by Karitku on Thu 7th Aug 2008 17:52 UTC in reply to "Heck, yeah"
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We have to be very very patient, but I think the wait will be worth it. I can't wait to use the 1.0. Who knows, maybe 5-10 years down the road ;)

They actually has roadmap unlike most open source projects which shows 0.5 by 2008. I would think they get 1.0 out by 2010.

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