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GTK+ Red Hat's David Zeuthen blogged today about the huge patch he submitted to GTK+ that will allow the toolkit to achieve resolution independence - widget and font size adapting to your screen's real estate; no more tiny application lost in the corner of your high resolution screen. Although more work is obviously required, Zeuthen's idea is to use RI as the hot-new-feature selling point of the upcoming 3.0 GTK+ release. Discussion is going on in the gtk-devel mailing list and there is an ogg video of the feature in action.
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I totally agree with leos, something is quite wrong with your monitor/system.

Unless you have sight problems (which would explain why you need low-resolution on a big display -- using a screen magnifier like xmag sucks terribly), things shouldn't go that wrong on your monitor. I had a 21" CRT myself (switched to a 22" LCD due to space and power consumption issues -- that beast took half of my desk and sucked more power than my computer itself). I used it in the largest resolution available (2048x1536) and didn't have any problem reading text. In fact, I don't have any problem now either -- but I'm in a lower resolution (1680x1050).

If you're under GTK, there's a known issues related to font sizes; or there used to be a while ago, just google for it. If fonts seem to small in general, try to see if, for some funky reason, your system isn't set up to use very small sizes.

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