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IBM After 10 years of supporting Linux, IBM continues to challenge Microsoft on multiple fronts and aims to push Linux even further into the enterprise. While IBM has competed and partnered with Microsoft over the last two decades, the Microsoft-free PC effort is perhaps its most direct assault yet. "The idea of Microsoft-free personal computing has been in the air for a while," Inna Kuznetsova, director of Linux at IBM, told "We're just partnering with Linux distribution vendors and hardware vendors to make it happen."
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"I wouldn't count Linux out yet. All it takes is a little help from Microsoft (another Vista-like or worse-than-Vista "success" with their next Windows release).

So what you're saying is that in order for Linux to succeed on the home pc, Microsoft has to produce something worse than Vista? I'd much rather see software succeed, or not, upon its own design and concepts, not because some other company screwed up, and it's the lesser of two evils. I'm not saying Vista was great by any means, but seriously, how many more Linux adoptions did we see? Most of those who either hated Vista or had serious problems with it either stayed with XP or went over to the Mac.

With some users having 15+ years of how they're used to using desktops, there's going to have to be a huge motivating factor to get people to change. It's going to take more than linux to be good for people to forgo their resistance to change. It's going to take a colossal screw-up by Microsoft. Despite peoples frustrations with Vista, it's not exactly like OSX is enjoying even double digit market share at this point.

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