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Hardware, Embedded Systems It seems Lenovo is being selective in which markets get Linux on its new range of IdeaPad netbooks. "People in most markets Lenovo serves, including Singapore, China and the UK, will be offered the company's new IdeaPad S10 with either Microsoft Windows XP or a Linux OS, but Australian and US computer buyers will only be offered Windows XP according to Lenovo."
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What Microsoft doesn't understand.
by troy.w.banther on Fri 8th Aug 2008 01:25 UTC
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'Obviously, MS has broke a deal with Lenovo, but those deals are illegal everywhere except in Australia and the US. I know in the EU at least, such anti-competitive deals are illegal.'

What Microsoft doesn't understand is itself.

Seriously, the company believes its business model will win 'uber alles'. It a blind marketing fanaticism which will eventually be its own poison.

We Linux users just sit back and wait.

As for the Lenovo laptop. Having a loli-pop operating system, like Windows, is easily replaceable with a Linux install DVD.

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